Pamphlet via Bitter Melon 苦瓜


Shortlisted for the 2019 Saltire-Calum MacDonald Award

As white dresses flutter in the wind in Beirut, so does this hallucinatory poem move between reconfigurations of the Crusades, the myth of St George and the Dragon, and the role of art as protest for global bodily autonomy. Difficult and formally engaging, Wedding Beasts is a dizzying exploration of violent traditions and queer worship.


IAN MCMILLAN via THE NORTH: In Wedding Beasts Jay G Ying gives us a long piece about love and loss and hope and how language can and must respond to these things in exquisite lines that are at once personal and universal.

ALI GRAHAM via TENEBRAE: The omens Ying presents us with illustrate and anchor the slippage of time the poet deploys. Space and time clamber over each other, the memories of temporally distant years no longer positionally distant.

ALICE HILLER via HARANA POETRY: His words open fresh paths back and forwards through time, and give forms of holding to previously ignored and disregarded materials.

CAMILLE RALPHS via TLS: Jay G. Ying’s Wedding Beasts recasts the legend of St George as a hallucinatory prose poem of love and draconic grief.

SHEHZAR DOJA via SPAM: Wedding Beasts carries the reader on a journey through so much grief, conflict and finality, addressing personal and societal structures and spaces in attempts to find or make a semblance of meaning from it all.