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Winner of the 2019 New Poets Prize judged by Mary Jean Chan

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Forthcoming 1st June 2020

'Katabasis' means a descent, the sinking of the winds or sun, a military retreat, a trip down into the underworld. This mythopoetic and experimental sequence of poems, texts and translations links the ancient Sumerian epic 'The Descent of Inanna' to contemporary neo-colonial violences as a consequence of military occupation.

"Taking its cue from 'The Descent of Inanna', this collection is one to be savoured repeatedly. Apart from its formal experimentation, its lyric epiphanies are also a delight."

     Mary Jean Chan

"At once spectral and vivid, timeless and current, these broken rhythms and stalled narratives attempt to sift through the wreckage of War, and to argue back to it."

     Will Harris

"The quiet music of Jay G Ying’s long lines leads gently into the extraordinary: through doorways, into War, among insects, nerved by queer desire. Fine wordplay adorns the substantial sense that demands can come from anywhere, even the wind or a fly, while self and kinship undergo violent transfiguration."

     Vahni Capildeo



Shortlisted for the Saltire-Calum MacDonald Award 2019

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As white dresses flutter in the Bay of Beirut, so does this narrative poem move between reconfigurations of the Crusades, the myth of St George and the Dragon, and the role of art as protest for global bodily autonomy. Wedding Beasts is a dizzying exploration of violent tradition, queer desire and worship.

"His words open fresh paths back and forwards through time, and give forms of holding to previously ignored and disregarded materials."

     Alice Hiller, Harana Poetry

"Jay G. Ying’s Wedding Beasts recasts the legend of St George as a hallucinatory prose poem of love and draconic grief"

     Camille Ralphs, Times Literary Supplement

"Wedding Beasts carries the reader on a journey through so much grief, conflict and finality, addressing personal and societal structures and spaces in attempts to find or make a semblance of meaning from it all."

     Shehzar Doja, SPAM